The most recent line from Ediciones Jalapa is an in-house project under the label E/J. This collection is composed by functional objects produced in an industrial way and thought in a simple aesthetic able to coexist in different ambiences.

Continuing with Ediciones Jalapa’s big labor to create a space where investigation, development and promotion of contemporary design in Mexico can intersect, E/J in-house collection is yet another expansion of the growing catalog of this young project.

E/J in-house collection adds up to the previous collections from Ediciones Jalapa such as Elements from Nicolas Le Moigne and the popular Cesta & María Bonita, which are part of the “Destination Mexico” at the MoMA NYC.

The little tables with marble covers are representative of the type of design proposed by Ediciones Jalapa: simple pieces thought to adapt to endless types of ambiences and lifestyles. The trays have an appearance similar to the case of an old computer, with perforations allowing them to be folded and hence creating a functional object.

E/J ’s production quality is key; and just like in their previous projects, Ediciones Jalapa gives us an opportunity to have a good limited edition design at a surprisingly affordable price.
— Jorge Diego Etienne