Nicolas le Moigne’s designs are a celebration of juxtaposition. They show an understanding of, and capacity for, complexity and contrast: seemingly fragile yet resilient, at once artisnal yet also industrial, assuredly sophisticated yet without guile. Like a master swordsman he parries and ripostes between opposing materials, forms and conventions to produce designs that are rigorous and balanced.

This equanimity has brought the Swiss designer, a professor at ECAL/University of art and design Lausanne, to the attention of both manufacturers and design galleries alike. Working between industrial companies such as Eternit or Atelier Pfister and galleries in London, Paris, Berlin and now Mexico, le Moigne’s dexterous approach is an elegant counterpoint to the chaos of a supersaturated design culture.
— Libby Sellers


Since 2007, Gallery Libby Sellers supported the development of conceptual and critical design by commissioning and selling works through pop-up exhibitions, the permanent gallery and presentations at international collector's fairs. Due to the planned demolition of our building in Berners Street, the gallery is currently undergoing change and our next steps will be announced in due course.