One nature: the work made in an atelier. One essence: the aesthetics. One collaboration.

Ediciones Jalapa, hand in hand with La Carpintería MX, presents “Mobiliario de Servicio” (Valet Furniture), a project that seeks results in the work of five young Mexican designers under specific given premises. Each one of them juggles with these given clubs; some with a clear idea at hand, others with an air of experimentation.

The first of these premises was to renovate the use of objects destined for service purposes in older times; the kind of objects typically meant to be locked up in a closet but that became our best allies thanks to their flexibility ond capacity to be folded. The objects were to be brought into the light.

Jorge Diego Etienne appeals to the good habits through a service trolley. Rodrigo Da Silva leans a staircase over a shelf or a wall, giving it a resting space as a gesture through its formal solution. Anaís Calderón works with a butler rack that liberates both the user and other furnishings from holding garments and purses. Ricardo Rodriguez, head designer of the workshop La Carpintería MX, with greater experience and trajectory, experiments with the foldable chair. Finally, Emiliano Hamui emulates the side table in which any garçon would rely on.

The second premise determined the building and material of each piece; allowing the designers to work only with Banak wood. The idea came from La Carpintería MX ’s continuity in their own work; who sought evolution and growth in their own scope through this practise. Thanks to the collaboration between the gallery and the workshop, what started as an idea materialized succesfully.

This E/J collection is not the first to seek establishing a speech about the user’s context. Ediciones Jalapa continues exploring the research branches aliens to them, the craftmanship and the work within the workshop. With pleasure I can say that exercises like “Mobiliario de Servicio” bring us closer to an understanding of who we are and how that can be stated through design to generate a true contemporary product, made in Mexico.
— Regina Pozo